Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Craft Brews on the Rise Despite Economy

The economy may be down but craft beer sales are experiencing a major upswing, growing by nearly 10.1% in 2008.

The reason?

Well, it’s all a question of value. When you have less money you start to really evaluate what you’re getting in a product. Over the years consumers have been swamped with the same watery tasting lagers that are either flavorless, or skunky and bitter. People want something new and original, something with a full body and a clean, rich flavor they can savor and really talk about. Craft beers like Fire Island Beer Company’s Lighthouse Ale do this in spades. Fire Island Beer Company and its craft beer compatriots care about the consumer and work hard to develop the perfect balance of hops, malts, and accompanying flavors to make each sip a symphony for the palate.

Fire Island Beer Company’s formulas were developed through years and years of taste testing and reformulating down at “The Shack,” a small summer shop selling burgers and beer. Like everything on Fire Island, The Shack was always a laid back place where everybody could relax, kick back, and enjoy what eventually became the tasty brew known as Fire Island Lighthouse Beer. Following in the footsteps of quality craft beers, Fire Island Beer Company wasn’t conceived with money or product placement in mind. Instead, it was just two brothers and a cousin motivated by a passion for good brews, and a desire to make something as laid back, and just plain fun as Fire Island. But somewhere in-between bringing keg after homebrewed keg to parties, and having friends and family request the beer even more than mom’s famous triple chocolate cheesecake (you have to try it!), the Fire Island Beer Company founders started to think that they might have something.

And they did.

But that’s how it works with any really good product. The consumer drives the sales. And isn’t that the way it should be? Music lovers have known for years that some of the most independent artists are on independent labels, so why shouldn’t beer lovers have a variety of choices from small microbrews?

After all, smaller companies have more attention to detail and make better beer. And now that people really watching their money and choosing quality products with more added value, beer drinkers everywhere are letting their voices be heard.

So the next time you think about choosing some watered down draft that is sure to be more filling but completely unsatisfying, do your mouth a favor and choose a quality craft beer like Fire Island Company’s Lighthouse Ale.

Fire Island Beer: it’s the kind of beer you want to have a beer with, and the kind of value that your bankbook will love.

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