Wednesday, August 26, 2009

House Passes $850,000 Bill to Spiff-Up Fire Island Ferries

Whoever said politicians don’t have their priorities straight? Recently, the U,S. House of Representatives appropriated $850,000 to renovate the Fire Island ferry terminals at Ocean Beach and Bay Shore.

To solve a reoccurring flooding problem, $600,000 was set aside to replace the Ocean Beach terminal, with the remaining $250,000 going toward repairs to the Bay Shore Terminal.

“Our ferries are not only a great way to get tourists to the beautiful Fire Island beaches, they are also essential to small businesses on both sides of the bay,” Rep. Steve Israel (D-Huntington) said.

But don’t get too excited yet. Although the Senate appropriations bill passed committee in July, it still needs to come to a full Senate vote.

In the mean time, is it really too much to ask Rep. Steve Israel to lobby President Obama for another Beer Summit? Maybe on Fire Island? After all, he had a Bud Light last time! We’re pretty sure that Fire Island Beer Company’s Lighthouse Ale can beat that!

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