Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Season’s First…Craft Beer Festival!

We kicked off a long season of festivals and fun this past weekend at the Spring Craft Beer Festival on Long Island. Blue skies, over fifty fellow brewers and hundreds of guests packed into the lower level of Nassau Coliseum to carry around a 6 oz. tasting glass and swill over a hundred different beers.

Our booth snagged a lot of repeat visitors, and we’re fairly certain they weren’t coming back for our jokes. Everyone was getting riled up about our Lighthouse Ale and Red Wagon IPA! They were going wild, really. You could hear the crowd chanting for more all the way across the Sound in Connecticut. It was a veritable mosh pit in front of our booth, and no one would step down til their glass was refilled…

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t quite that biblical. But between the haze of the fluorescent lights and the line by our booth, it was hard to resist imagining that this is what it must feel like on stage at Madison Square Garden.

We had a blast and we‘re looking forward to the next festival. Weren’t able to make it to Long Island? Don’t get too down on yourself. This is the start of a long and exciting summer. Up next: TAP New York in Hunter, NY. See you there!

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